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Water Metering Service

AquaWorks package

For Water Metering & Water Management


The PA-Energy Aquaworks  package is a set of services and technologies which will help to solve your water management and consumption problems as well as providing on-going support to ensure continued water efficiency. We work from meter to bill – we resolve meter, abnormal use and leakage problems.

We monitor your water usage using sophisticated and reliable communications technology, provide expert advice on managing your water infrastructure, and will also ensure that you are being correctly billed by your water supplier. If you are a landlord we will ensure that your tenants are being billed correctly.

The company also provides water network studies for large sites and water leak detection services. Our specialists utilise a variety techniques such as acoustic logging and noise correlation in addition step testing. 

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Value added Services include:

Water Consumption Reporting

Quarterly water consumption reports are produced for management.


Water Network Study

The water network with the building water supply from the main meter to the building and also a general description of the water use is studied carefully from water consumption summaries in cubic meters either monthly or according to the billing.

We attend site to take an initial look and understand the water network, review the flow rates and determine how best the leak will be located and what if any procedures need to be followed if the water needs to be shut off for a period of time for step testing.


Water Leak Detection

The initial survey to allow us to determine the approach we shall take to locate the leak/s and any risk assessment and liaising with you ahead of the subsequent leak detection activity. The subsequent activity aimed at either pinpointing the location or area to give guidance to the ground work that may be required to remediate the pipe work. This may be undertaken during the day if there is no interruption to the office activity/cold water services otherwise we will undertake the exercise in the night/weekend. Our engineer will advise you of the approach. Please note we generally do not undertake the ground excavations or pipe repair but may be able to advise on possible contractors once we visit. 


Water supply Contract and bill guidance

We  monthly recording for analysis the water consumption on site (including water bill and tenant recharge recording), reviewing annual trends and seasonal analysis. Quarterly reporting to the client and six-monthly on site review by PA Energy Technical Projects Engineer or his manager with you. 

Service will include free follow up of high consumption alerts when they occur with the client’s site team on issues as highlighted by the water loggers, we will also liaise with you on settings. The benefits for the site will be consistent tracking and audit trail of the site’s water consumption and raising concerns such as significant water consumption increases and anomalies with the client on a consistent basis and also showing if site remedies are improving water consumption. The cost includes logger hardware and service warranty (up to 2 visits p.a.)

Water Metering for your business – Technologies and Services


On-site evaluation and reporting on water usage and identification of excessive water consumption or leakage


Data collection technologies services using mobile phone network communications technology for web-based reporting and leakage alerts (see Data Service for more information).


Provision of water meters for check metering or sub-metering.


Investigate landlord/tenant issues or concerns about charges from supply company related to metering

and billing issues


Water invoice checking and validation from water supply

and sewerage companies

plus tenant recharges.


Project management of water metering infrastructure and meter installations, including selection of metering and data collection equipment plus liaison with water companies.

Troubleshooting of water usage issues including faulty meters and billing inaccuracies.



Provision of ongoing desk support to clients to deal with issues or concerns as they arise related to water consumption, metering equipment, data collection or other on-site matters.

Water Metering case studies 
Learn more about our Aquaworks service package in action.

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