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Case Study: Water Network Management and identifying unaccounted water loss + reduced costs

Case Study – The Transport Infrastructure Case / Large Site – Water Network Management to identify significant unaccounted water loss and reduce costs with “easy wins”

Major buildings and sites have some common water supply and consumption related issues; these can include a range of problems including ascertaining accurate cost of water, inappropriate water tariffs, unaccounted water consumption and leakage. For a very large site these anomalies can mean overspending of many tens of thousands of pounds versus a more managed water supply network or arrangement within a site or building respectively.

Water consumption profile graph

Weekly Peak Generation Profiles

PA Water has been working at large transport sites where the following was identified:

– Water supply contract: Water Retailer was levying a tariff that was excessive.

– Water Retailer duplicating standing charges for a supply point (SPID).

– Network leakage

– Several smaller leaks and also after local civil works

Water Data logger installation image

Water Data Logger Installation


PA Water Valve identification for step isolation to zone trace leakage

The foregoing elements were observed by PA-Water using the automated metering, monitoring and analytics systems – REDSTS.

Working in conjunction with our specialist consultants including water network and also water contracts; we were able to identify the foregoing anomalies and to provide guidance to the customer resolve.

We work from meter to bill – we resolve meter, abnormal use and leakage problems, we monitor your water usage using sophisticated and reliable communications technology, provide expert advice on managing your water infrastructure, and will also ensure that you are being correctly billed by your water supplier; and if you are a landlord we will ensure that your tenants are being billed correctly.

1. Water billing – Analysis of client’s water supplier’s invoices. This will establish if the cost of water is appropriate (including tariff evaluation) and bill accuracy.

2. Contracts – We will give our opinion of the existing water supply contract (if it exists!!). This will identify if you water supply contract has been poorly negotiated. Since 2017 the non-domestic water market has opened and there are savings to be had and most likely from the incumbent water retailer if managed correctly.

3. Water Network Study and Water leak detectionFrom water network maps; PA-Water identifies the critical water network assets such as valves and hydrants for the purpose of step-testing to identify leak location in case such events occur.

4. Water Data Logging and Alerts – Alarms generated when water use is excessive. Organise automated data collection from water meters.

We install, maintain and operate remote data collection equipment and web-based services that bring meter data for energy, water and renewables sites, analyse the data for anomalies, and warn you if there are any issues.

Water consumption monitoring device installation by trained logging partner

5. Water balance – determining bonafide water use versus unaccounted water use.Sites often exceed a sensible unaccounted water ratio; PA- Water has developed knowledge to determine what a suitable unaccounted water demand ratio (percentage %) should be.


6. Analytics – Provision of visualisations of water use versus time; including fiscal and submeters and benchmark comparisons.

PA-Energy’s DataWorks package of services and technologies means you have energy and water performance data always on hand, along with intelligent alerts and remote desk support to help you keep on top of your sites and buildings.Being independent we use the best technology and people for client situations.


Industrial estate image

PA Energy, designs water metering arrangement in accordance with CIBSE TM39 guidance, installs and maintain water and heat energy sub-meters and remote monitoring for fiscal and sub-meters. This includes supply and installation of meter accessories such as pulse heads, pulse splitters, enclosures, sensors and assemblies. We also repair/maintain meters and can offer calibration services and Independent Technical Expert (ITE) service.

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