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Custom Business Analytics

One of the most powerful features in FDM, our scripting capabilities allow the platform to be extended with functionality to meet your specific requirements. Scripting is based on JavaScript and is available to power automated tasks, reports and analytical outputs, dashboard widgets, create virtual device data sets on the fly and execute functionality when FDM objects are created or changed.

Manage Your Data

The built-in data explorer allows you to manage your data, combining or comparing data sets. Additional views include day of month charting and the ability to manage data points individually or as a larger selection.

Create and monitor targets on a monthly or at a data interval level to track performance and service levels.


Value added Services include:

Water Consumption Reporting

Quarterly water consumption reports are produced for management.


Water Network Study

The water network with the building water supply from the main meter to the building and also a general description of the water use is studied carefully from water consumption summaries in cubic meters either monthly or according to the billing.

We attend site to take an initial look and understand the water network, review the flow rates and determine how best the leak will be located and what if any procedures need to be followed if the water needs to be shut off for a period of time for step testing.


Water Leak Detection

The initial survey to allow us to determine the approach we shall take to locate the leak/s and any risk assessment and liaising with you ahead of the subsequent leak detection activity. The subsequent activity aimed at either pinpointing the location or area to give guidance to the ground work that may be required to remediate the pipe work. This may be undertaken during the day if there is no interruption to the office activity/cold water services otherwise we will undertake the exercise in the night/weekend. Our engineer will advise you of the approach. Please note we generally do not undertake the ground excavations or pipe repair but may be able to advise on possible contractors once we visit. 


Water supply Contract and bill guidance

We  monthly recording for analysis the water consumption on site (including water bill and tenant recharge recording), reviewing annual trends and seasonal analysis. Quarterly reporting to the client and six-monthly on site review by PA Energy Technical Projects Engineer or his manager with you. 

Service will include free follow up of high consumption alerts when they occur with the client’s site team on issues as highlighted by the water loggers, we will also liaise with you on settings. The benefits for the site will be consistent tracking and audit trail of the site’s water consumption and raising concerns such as significant water consumption increases and anomalies with the client on a consistent basis and also showing if site remedies are improving water consumption. The cost includes logger hardware and service warranty (up to 2 visits p.a.)

Disclaimer: Please note that PA-Energy REDSTS continuously develops its systems and services and therefore this document is being amended progressively.

Please discuss your critical development requirements with PA-Energy or REDSTS to ensure that you have the most up to date information from REDSTS on it’s systems and services


Energy And Water Data At Your Fingertips


PA-Energy’s Dataworks package of services and technologies means you have energy and water performance data always on hand, along with intelligent alerts and remote desk support to help you keep on top of your sites and buildings.


We install, maintain and operate remote data collection equipment and web-based services that bring meter data for energy, water and renewables sites, analyse the data for anomalies, and warn you if there are any issues.


REDSTS powered by Fusion Data Management FDM provides a web portal data collector, visualisation and analytics reporting tool showing the performance of the building energy, water and renewables data. FDM and PA-AMR (store and forward) data is gathered automatically from devices or 3rd party data servers including the PA-AMR Head-End. 


FDM is designed to connect meter and environmental assets to any kind of data. Configure a data store within the platform and start injecting data automatically or via the built-in upload facilities. Objects in FDM can be configured to access this data and perform conversions on the fly if required (for example to convert units of measurement). Raw data can be utilised in custom reports, dashboard widgets and analytic scripts. All this functionality can be accessed via the FDM API.



Dataworks package for your business – Technologies and Services


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Supply and installation of meter communications devices including smart data loggers over the mobile phone 4G network, Ethernet and radio devices. We choose the best devices for your sites.


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Data collection services including secure remote data storage and web-based systems to allow full access and charting, including standardised consumption trends, date range selection and site-by-site benchmarking.


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Meters and meter accessories including gas, water, heat, oil and steam sub-meters, meter accessories such as pulse heads, optical character recognition of meter registers, meter pulse splitters, enclosures and meter assemblies (see Meterworks).


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Alarm and analysis systems which pinpoint and alert if any major issues are discovered such as a water leak, energy over-consumption or an equipment outage.


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Reporting systems and services which allow simple use for compliance or creation of reports.


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Advice and consultancy on major meter installations and data collection projects. On-site maintenance and problem-solving.

Dataworks case studies 
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