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Case Study – Automated metering, monitoring and analytics

Case Study - Automated metering, monitoring and analytics at Multi-site Renewables Condition Monitoring

Public Services Commissioners benefit from PA Energy’s system and services implementation powered by FDM engine with Amazon WS platform to manage renewables on-site generation.

One of the largest specialist public services departments in the world has a significant number of buildings in their property portfolio. The organisation has a major spend in energy to power it’s properties. The organisation set itself aggressive targets to reduce their carbon emissions and cost of energy.

In 2007 the emergency services organisation installed it’s first on-site renewable generation PV (photo voltaic) and subsequently rolled out further investment in other forms of on-site generation including renewable generation. This included PV, CHP (combined heat and power) Solar Thermal, Ground Source Heat, Biomass and wind. By 2012 the organisation had installed probably the highest density of renewables deployment in any city around the world.

Solar Photo Voltaic Arrays

Solar Photo Voltaic Arrays

CHP Combined Heat and Power Unit

CHP Combined Heat and Power Unit

CHP Combined Heat and Power CHP Metering

CHP Combined Heat and Power Unit

Fault condition report
Renewable Energy Generation Profiles

The Estates Services department as part of meeting high level carbon reduction objectives developed a set of KPI’s including plant availability efficiencies, maintenance regime information and on-site generation in relation to total imported energy. A project plan evolved by the energy manager to monitor and maintain the renewable assets.

REDSTS Automated Reporting on Renewables Performance

Weekly Peak Generation Profiles

PA Energy supplied and installed a renewables monitoring and analytics reporting system. PA Energy chose the RED STS system powered by Fuze Insight (now FDM) utilising the Amazon WS platform to deliver the web based information to the emergency services.

The FDM portal delivered a combination of energy generation visualisations and analytic reports including:

1. Electricity and thermal generation

2. Gas demand used by the combined heat and power units

3. Automated data collection system health notifications to PA Energy

4. Monthly overview and weekly condition monitoring report in accordance to KPI’s

5. Automated emailed meter read information for application of government renewables incentives

Benefits: The Estates Dept now has sight of the condition of its renewables and is able to properly identify maintenance issues early on to maintain high plant availability factors of plant and also automated KPI information.


This is saving time and also enabling Estate Services to attain their carbon and energy cost savings goals.

PA Energy is a London based energy and water services company working nationwide with large organisations with significant energy and water demand and assists the management to attain aggressive cost and carbon savings targets. The business focus is Sub-metering solutions, automated data collection and value added consultancy services.

Author: Percy Albuquerque is technical director of PA Energy and has been involved with pioneering the use of web based visualisations for demand-side energy and water management. He has interest in energy and water conservation and has given white papers at UK and international events. His speciality is metering, monitoring and analytics. He has also provided independent technical expert (ITE) services to firms such as EON.

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