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Case Study: Resolving thermal energy metering and tenant billing issues


Case study – Research Centre “New Build” resolving thermal energy metering and tenant billing issues

PA-Energy has provided an Independent Technical Expert report to a meter manufacturer for the benefit of an M&E contractor to understanding issues with conflicts between plant room thermal energy metering (Air Source Heat Pumps) totals and the metered aggregated tenant energy totals. This was leading to uncertainty of multi-tenant recharge billing of tens of thousands of pounds of energy.

Research Centre Building image
Air Source Heat Pumps image

PA Energy field engineer attended site to work closely with the M&E contractor appointed by the principal building contractors to review the key plant room thermal meter installations, large bore flow sensors, temperature sensing and reviewing the overall application.


Air Source Heat Pumps

Percy Albuquerque Technical Director commented “The cause of the imbalance between plant room total energy and tenants was identified. PA Energy provided it’s client with a report. The meter manufacturer was able to provide the M&E contractor guidance on the operation of the flow sensors and heat calculation methodology for the purposes of tenant recharges”.

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