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Image by Sebastian Morelli-Peyton

Case Study: Gas Meter supply and installation

Case studyCase Study – Large bore Gas Meter supply and installation

UCL Academy, London kitchen gas meter was not recording gas use for several years, this meant that with a faulty gas meter, the gas use amongst other gas use was therefore difficult to properly apportion gas to different uses for the purposes of energy efficiency and mandatory reporting.

Elemental Consulting Group recently took over the service of managing energy for the academy on behalf of a large FM company.

PA-Energy were asked to investigate the gas metering problem. A survey took place to look at the gas meter and it was identified that there were two issues:
1. The gas meter was not recording gas flow
2. The gas meter was over sized 80mm for the purpose.

PA-Energy proposed downsizing the high level local gas meter to a 40mm turbine covering the range of expected gas flow rates.

Gas Turbine Meter
Gas pipe image

The work itself was performed by PA-Energy’s Lloyds Registered gas fitters who were specialised in complex gas meter installations. The work itself was project managed by PA-Energy on behalf of Elemental Consulting Group.
The fitting of gas meters must be undertaken by Gas Safe registered contractors and the work must be properly planned, especially when fitting gas meters. This includes the meter selection, health and safety aspects particularly of high level gas meter installations, gas isolation and awareness of emergency gas shut of systems.

The work was planned including the use of a high level platform to enable the old meter to be extracted and new meter refitted with new downsize pieces. The work was undertaken during the school holidays.


PA-Energy’s meter data platform is called PA-AMR ™ provided by sister company REDSTS and is hosted on the Microsoft SQL server platform and soon on Microsoft Azzure. We also distribute data to client’s own BEMS (building energy management systems) and REDSTS True Visualiser web application FDM TM *** through Secure FTP.
*Elemental Consulting Group
**PA-AMR is a trade mark of REDSTS
*** FDM is provided by Fusion 242 our IOT partners who are AWS (Amazon Web Service accredited developers).

Gas meter installation image
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