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Energy and Water Management 
that works for you.

Water Metering and Energy Management Services

PA-Energy is a SafeContractor accredited Energy and Water Metering service provider operating in London and the UK nationwide, we provide comprehensive energy management services for Commercial Buildings and Industrial Sites across the country.

We install, supply and maintain all types of energy meters, this includes water, gas, electricity, oil and heat / chilled energy sub-meters, plus Automated Data Collection AMR loggers, Smart Meters, Remote Monitoring Data Equipment for Fiscal and Sub-Meters together with trouble-shooting services to fix meter fault issues and resolve meter-related matters. This ensures you have the actual meter readings for tenant utility billing, energy management or mandatory reporting purposes.

PA-Energy's expertise and services help companies, buildings and sites manage their energy and water operations. Resolving your metering challenges each step of the way, our team go the extra mile in providing you with the best package of technology and services for managing your company's energy.

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Installation and maintenance of energy sub-meters + we provide remote monitoring technologies. Together with trouble-shooting services to fix and resolve your metering issues and billing issues.

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Water Metering

Set of services and technologies that solve your water metering and consumption problems, plus on-going support to ensure continued water efficiency.

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 Data Services

This package of services and technologies means you have energy and water performance data always on hand, along with intelligence alerts and remote desk support.

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Energy Consultancy

From analysing your consumption at the meter all the way through to managing energy contracts and utility invoice validation. 

Energy data on demand 

+ Automated monitoring

+ Environmental analytics reporting

+ IOT Internet of Things

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PA-Energy brings the full-spectrum of metering works

+ Metering arrangement, design and provision for commercial buildings and industrial sites.

+ We cover all types of energy from Water, Electricity, Gas, Oil, Heat and Renewables.

+ Diagnose and resolve your energy and metering issues through on-site survey + more.

+ Professional meter installation, arrangement and maintenance. 

On-Site services and support from highly experienced engineers.

+ Automated Water Monitoring and Leak Detection Alerts.

+ Energy Data Analytics Reporting Services - Internet of Things (IOT).

+ Automated Meter Reading (AMR) + Store and Forward Energy/Water Data Collection PA-AMR.

+ Metering and Energy Visualisations on REDSTS platform.

+ Solutions to Metering and Energy Utility Billing issues and Tenant Recharging.

+ Energy Analytic reporting services that exactly pinpoint your Energy Consumption at the source.

+ On-Site Expert independent technical metering and energy management consultancy.

As part of our comprehensive Energy Metering site services, we cover all sides of the metering and energy management process, from site meter and supply network surveys to metering arrangement design, plus integrating the metering on-site with energy management systems (EMS) including remote data monitoring technology, so the energy data, consumption, figures, activity and reports can be viewed on your screen. 

PA-Energy have a solid track-record of improving its customers' energy and water management operations, helping to resolve your metering problems directly at the source. 

Our engineers are CSCS and trade qualified with many years experience in firmware and critical system software development, this makes PA-Energy systems resilient. PA-Energy have been accredited by Safe Contractor and Constructionline to PAS 91 Health & Safety standards and sustainability including CSR.

We get to know our clients and build a package that works for you.

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Electricity Meter

Energy and Water Metering
+ Cloud Data Reporting

Solutions for energy managers

Our Works Packages cover all aspects of on-site and off-site energy and water management.

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Sort out those awkward site problems that have been a struggle to fix.

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Get advice on your water and energy infrastructure, meters and facilities.

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Know how much energy your buildings are using through effective metering and data reporting.

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Manage your water consumption and spot leaks or abnormal use quickly.

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Check and reduce your utility supplier invoices and bill your tenants/departments.

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Make sure your renewable energy installations are working properly.

Learn more about Submetering

Our clients often come to us through word of mouth or because no-one else has been able to fix their problem.

Proven results by helping customers

+ We saved a customer over £100,000 in energy savings.

+ Experts at diagnosing and resolving the metering issue through well-planned surveys and consultancy.

+ Ability to integrate our platform into existing energy management systems.

+ Knowledgable Technicians and Sub-contractors that understand metering and safe installation.

Peace of mind with reliable Leak Detection and Energy Monitoring systems. 

+ Reduce carbon-footprint and energy usage for Blue-Chip clients.

+ Solve and prevent excess energy consumption.

+ Identify incorrect energy/utility charges through PA-Energy's expert use of metering.

+ Perfect combination of Project Management and Energy Metering Services.

+ Consistent results on major energy projects for commercial buildings and sites. 

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