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Submetering solutions for energy managers in the UK

What we do at PA-Energy

PA-Energy install and maintain energy sub-meters for water, gas, electricity, oil and heat, including data collection loggers. 

We also provide site survey, data analytics reporting services + expert independent technical consultancy. 

These include on-site services to improve your energy and water management operations and resolve your metering problems. We get to know our clients and build a package that works for you.

How we solve your metering challenges?
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+ Meter installation and maintenance 

+ Remote energy data monitoring technology

+ Solutions to metering and energy billing issues 

+ Expert independent technical consultancy

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Energy Metering + Cloud Data Reporting

Services and packages 

PA-Energy's expertise and services help companies, buildings and sites manage their energy and water operations. Resolving your metering challenges each step of the way, our team go the extra mile in providing you with the best package of technology and services for managing your company's energy.

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Installation and maintenance of energy sub-meters + we provide remote monitoring technologies. Together with trouble-shooting services to fix and resolve your metering issues and billing issues.

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Set of services and technologies that solve your water management and consumption problems, plus on-going support to ensure continued water efficiency.

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This package of services and technologies means you have energy and water performance data always on hand, along with intelligence alerts and remote desk support.

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From analysing your consumption at the meter all the way through to managing energy contracts and utility invoice validation. 

Understanding the energy data

+ Automated monitoring

+ Environmental analytics reporting

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Solutions for energy managers

Our Works Packages cover all aspects of on-site and off-site energy and water management.

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Sort out those awkward site problems that have been a struggle to fix.

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Get advice on your water and energy infrastructure, meters and facilities.

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Know how much energy your buildings are using through effective metering and data reporting.


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Check and reduce your utility supplier invoices and bill your tenants/departments.

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Manage your water consumption and spot leaks or abnormal use quickly.

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Make sure your renewable energy installations are working properly.

Learn more about Submetering

Our clients often come to us through word of mouth or because no-one else has been able to fix their problem.

Feedback from our customers

Managing Director, Solar PPA Limited

"Solar PPA have been working with PA-Energy for over 15 years. Percy is an expert at trouble-shooting metering issues. He has worked at many of the sites we manage to solve excessive energy consumption or incorrect energy charges through his expert use of metering. Percy and his technical team take great care in evaluating the technical situation, identifying possible solutions and then fixing the problem, whether through equipment or advice. I can strongly recommend PA-Energy for solving issues with building energy and water systems, and metering for all fuels."


Former Water Network Coordinator, Associated British Ports Southampton.

"I have worked with PA-Energy over a number of years in my capacity as Water Network Coordinator for the Port of Southampton. The Ports relationship with Percy and his team saved them hundreds of thousands of pounds with water savings. Their monitoring and leak detection methods helped us bring our leakage down to our lowest levels on record. PA-Energies attention to detail and ownership of the project was outstanding. I would strongly recommend them for any water and energy related projects."


Environmental & Estates Management / Facilities Operations, Transport for London 

"TFL (Transport for London) have used the services of PA Energy, who were introduced to us from London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority. They provided the "one stop shop" service we needed to resolve meter pulse issues to data loggers and BMS at several of our buildings from an agreed schedule of rates. They also provided new gas and water AMR meter installations as well as a fault find & fix service (in some cases contracting under our FM contractor). We currently use our own data collector software and comms infrastructure at the majority of our sites, but use PA Energy's mobile based AMR data collection service for difficult to access sites and for mobile ultrasonic water "check" meters. This data is provided via automated emails direct to our Systems Link aM&T web portal for "day plus one" automatic download / integration with our main Systems Link server database and works well." 

Technical Services Manager, Parkeray Limited

“Parkeray has used the heat meter related services of PA Energy and we were on a tight client timeframe to undertake a major refitting and refurbishment project in a strategic commercial office building in London. We utilised PA Energy for the heat meter activity who responded very quickly to our work requests and undertook the work in a professional and timely manner.”

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